Taking a Shine to Silver

Silver caught a bit today with the MACD and RSI curling higher. We are looking to expand our position in Metalla Royalty and Streaming $MTA and take some initial positions in some of our favorite royalty plays like $SAND and $MMX.

Uranium continues to chop here – no clear direction up or down at this point. We will continue to write the calls on $UUUU at either $7 or $8 and expand our holdings in $DNN

Bitcoin looks good. We sold some calls in $ANY today and will look to add more common ongoing.

Sphere 3D adds some Miners

Sphere 3D ($ANY) entered into an agreement to acquire 60K NuMiner Bitcoin miners and their stock shot up after hours. They are definitely gonna bust our calls – which we will re-write next week at higher prices 😒

Will be interesting to see what happens to $UUUU and #uranium tomorrow as well…

Seeing Some Green Shoots

Energy Fuels ($UUUU)

We are starting to see some green shoots in uranium equities like $UUUU. We are looking to see the MACD crossover next. We are looking to write the Feb $8’s tomorrow and buy more $UUUU, $DNN and $ANY with proceeds.

Sphere 3D ($ANY)

Bitcoin is showing some green shoots of its own. We will be looking to buy more $ANY here.

Uranium and Bitcoin less bad, Silver still pretty bad

Energy Fuels ($UUUU)

Today we wrote some Feb 7’s and bought some $DNN Feb 1’s we had laying around, along with some $UUUU common and some $ANY common. Uranium is looking a bit better with RSI curling up and the MACD starting to converge a bit:

Sphere 3D ($ANY)

Today we wrote the Feb 4th 2’s – it was a nice 200%+ annualized play – however we’ll probably get busted this week 🤔 cause Bitcoin is looking good:

Metalla Royalty and Streaming ($MTA)

Today we wrote some Feb $7.50’s and bought some $MTA common. Silver is not looking great to be honest. Patience.

More storm clouds on the horizon.

Energy Fuels ($UUUU) ☢️

Today we sold some February $7 paper and bought some common shares of $UUUU and paid a dividend with the proceeds. Energy Fuels is still looking weak:

so we will continue to write the Feb $7 paper until it can gain $6.50 – at which case we would start to write the Feb $8 paper – and if the common drops below $5.50 we will start to write the Feb $6 paper. On the flip side with the proceeds we will raise cash and possibly buy more longer dated calls / puts or common.

Sphere 3D Corp ($ANY)

Gotta love it when you write $2 weeklies and the stock ends the week @ $1.98. We’re gonna try to write these weeklies again on Monday. Hopefully we can write the $2’s – if it rockets we’ll see if we can get something for the $2.50’s. Right now the Feb 4 $2’s are selling for $0.13 – which would be a $0.13 x 52 = $6.76 annual return or a 341% return on today’s share price of $1.98.

Chart starting to look slightly better than absolute dumpster fire. Buy time? Bitcoin is a manic beast

Trades for December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Today I sold some Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Jan 8’s – meant to sell the 9’s but I fat fingered it I guess. On the flipside I bought some Feb 7’s. I also sold some Metalla Royalty and Streaming ($MTA) $7.50 calls and bought some common on the flipside.

Energy Fuels ($UUUU) MACD is turning back up – time to sell the strikes that are farther out of the money and only at the ask or close to it:

Trades for December 20, 2021

Today we sold the following:

  • Silver Junior ETF ($SILJ)
  • Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Jan $8 Calls
  • Nasdaq Short ($SQQQ)
  • Uranium Royalty Company ($UROY) Jan $5 Calls
  • Sphere 3D Corp ($ANY) Dec 23 $4 Calls

and we bought the following:

  • Metalla Royalty and Streaming ($MTA)
  • Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Common Stock
  • Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Feb $7 Calls
  • Uranium Royalty Company ($UROY) Common Stock
  • Uranium Royalty Company ($UROY) Feb $5 Calls
  • Sphere 3D Corp ($ANY) Common Stock

Daily Boost 09.07.2021 Bitcoin Takes a Breather, Uranium finds another Gear

Today was the first day of Bitcoin being a national currency of El Salvador. To celebrate, Bitcoin dropped in price to $46,428 as of this writing – however we don’t expect Bitcoin to be left high and dry. In other news, uranium continues to roll with the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust train showing no signs of stopping.

We wrote bull calendar spreads on Riot Blockchain ($RIOT), Innovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO), Transocean LTD ($RIG) and Energy Fuels ($UUUU)

Daily Boost 09.01.2021 Wow its September

Here we are in September of 2021. Uranium had some pretty good follow through from yesterday. Bitcoin is hanging around at $47K and Oil is at $68 / barrel. Today we wrote some Bull Calendar Spreads on Energy Fuels ($UUUU) and Denison Mines ($DNN). Given the bullish momentum, we are going to hang onto the calls we are generating into the fall. For uranium the future’s so bright, gotta wear shades.

Daily Boost 08.31.2021 Uranium Countdowns On 4…3…2…1

Uranium Spot Price continues to climb as it nears $35 / pound. This is in part thanks to the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (SPUT) which continues to act more more like SPUTnik – taking pounds off the market at rocket speed. We are doing our part by purchasing more Energy Fuels ($UUUU) and Denison Mines ($DNN) -mostly in the form of Bull Calendar Spreads. Earth below us…. drifting, falling…. floating weightless. To the moon, diamond hands.