MACD Histograms

Uranium slightly down

Uranium slightly down

Bitcoin slightly down as well

Bitcoin slightly down

Silver has rocketed but toppy

Blood in the streets

Energy Fuels $uuuu

Today we wrote sone Feb 7s and bought some Feb 5s and some $dnn

Sphere 3d $any

We bought some more $any


Still full bear mode out there. Looking to sell more $uuuu 7s tomorrow

More Volatility…

Energy Fuels $UUUU

$UUUU is still in a downtrend with some negative divergence. Today we sold some $8 February paper in the morning and bought some $UUUU March 6’s and exercised some $DNN Feb $1’s and bought some $ANY with proceeds.

Denison Mines $DNN

More of the same – adding to share count with some Feb $1s bought last month.

Uranium Royalty Corp $UROY

See above with $UUUU and $DNN

Sphere 3D / Gryphon Mining $ANY

Really digging $ANY here. Bought more today.

Metalla Royalty and Streaming $MTA

Tried to sell some $7.50 Feb Paper but didn’t get the ask price – order expired.


We’ll be looking for signs of support for $UUUU $DNN and $UROY tomorrow and Friday and write calls accordingly. Looks like $ANY will bust our calls @ $2 – if it does we’ll teeter totter the cash secured puts @ $2 – option premium too good to pass up. We still like the $MTA $7.50 paper and will try to get a fill again tomorrow. Have a good night!

Sold some $uuuu Jan 9s bought some Feb 7s

Tried to sell some $mta Jan 7.50s but nothing filled at the ask

Trades for December 20, 2021

Today we sold the following:

  • Silver Junior ETF ($SILJ)
  • Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Jan $8 Calls
  • Nasdaq Short ($SQQQ)
  • Uranium Royalty Company ($UROY) Jan $5 Calls
  • Sphere 3D Corp ($ANY) Dec 23 $4 Calls

and we bought the following:

  • Metalla Royalty and Streaming ($MTA)
  • Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Common Stock
  • Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Feb $7 Calls
  • Uranium Royalty Company ($UROY) Common Stock
  • Uranium Royalty Company ($UROY) Feb $5 Calls
  • Sphere 3D Corp ($ANY) Common Stock

Daily Boost 07.28.2021 Fed Speaks Edition

So you’re telling me its not transitory?

Commodities are back in vogue – well at least for now.

Uranium is starting to glow again. Sold more Energy Fuels $UUUU Sept $6 Calls today. Bought some Energy Fuels $UUUU Oct $6 Calls today. Need a play on Dennys ($DNN) but its in no mans land. Tried writing some Sept puts @ $1 but not a lot of meat on that bone. C’mon Dennys.

Gold and Silver looking good here. Still love royalty cos like Metalla – $MTA – gonna listen to

Crypto seems to be headed higher but might be a head fake – who knows? Canaan ($CAN) was up like 15% today so there’s that.

We’re buying some Biotech cause why not. New position in IMV Inc. ($IMV) – they are battling Cancer and Covid – so thats awesome.

Oil looking slick. Pun intended. $RIG holding strong.

Boring Tankers.

Tankers are going nowhere fast right now and we like them. DHT Holdings, Inc. ($DHT) is our kinetic rocket for the sector. Here is a long-term chart depicting the ratio of the Nasdaq Composite to Frontline Ltd. ($FRO) another tanker company that has been around awhile:

As you can see from this chart, the Nasdaq has really outperformed tankers for the past 10 years or so… a trend that could start reversing itself in the future.