Ladies and Gentlemen, the #silversqueeze.

We’ve been huge fans of silver for years now, so it goes without saying that we were very intrigued by #silversqueeze trending on Twitter over the weekend.

Today during my lunch break I went down to my local coin shop to see what all the fuss was about. The parking lot was full, but there were only a few people in line outside the building. I called the phone number listed on the sign and eventually got to a live voice. She took my name and phone number, and I received a text a few seconds later. I was #37 in line and my estimated wait time was 4.5 hours!

OK, things were getting a bit more real. I went to McDonalds for some lunch, and then went home and jumped on Silver Eagles were selling for $41 each – a $12 premium over spot!

Ultimately I decided to skip the line at the local shop and buy a few online for an outrageous premium.

If you are wondering if the #silversqueeze is real, it is.

As for the silver miners, we continue to hold Alexco Resource Corp. – its one of our kinetic rockets.

Silver got monkey-hammered today and thats OK with us

Silver was down $1.71 today or 6.29% today from $27.21 to $25.50. We have been buyers recently and see this as another opportunity to accumulate more silver on weakness.

Our favorite play, and a “kinetic rocket” we are building in the silver sector is Alexco Resource Corp ($AXU). Alexco is a pure silver miner with +75% revenue from silver. They are located up in the Yukon and just began concentrate production at the Keno Hill Silver District Mill.

We are not alone in our bullish outlook in silver. Legendary investor Jim Rogers mentioned silver as something he is buying currently in his recent interview with Jake Ducey.

At half the price of its All Time High of around $50 way back in 1980, we still very much like silver here and believe it is very undervalued compared to other sectors in the market.