Daily Boost 08.17.2021 More Down

Everything we own was down again today, so we bought more… Energy Fuels ($UUUU), more Denison Mines ($DNN), more Innovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO), more Metalla Royalty and Streaming ($MTA), more Canaan ($CAN), more Transocean ($RIG), and more Mogo Inc. ($MOGO)

Daily Boost 08.13.2021 Bitcoin’s Back

With Bitcoin at $47,486 its back above its 30 day moving average and ready to rumble. Speaking of crypto we bought more shares of Canaan ($CAN) and Riot Blockchain ($RIOT) today, along with Energy Fuels ($UUUU), Denison Mines ($DNN), IMV Inc. ($IMV) and Platinum Group Metals ($PLG). We like Bitcoin and Gold here.

Daily Boost 08.12.2021 Pop goes Inovio

Inovio Pharmaceuticals was up 13% today on high volume and busted through our $9.50 calls for tomorrow August 13th. Maybe a minor correction tomorrow is in the cards? Today we bought some Energy Fuels ($UUUU), Denison Mines ($DNN) and more IMV Inc. ($IMV).

Daily Boost 08.09.2021 Crypto-nite

Crypto was straight fire on market open this morning. Its cooled off a bit tonight with bitcoin at $45,459. We did a buywrite @ $38.50 and bought longer dated calls on the flipside with Riot Blockchain ($RIOT) – will we get assigned? your guess is as good as mine. Its pretty much a coin flip at this point.

Meanwhile, energy is no bid cause Covid and China. Time to buy more Transocean ($RIG) common?

Finally, Denison Mines won’t budge, so we’re writing the cash secured puts @ $1.00 and writing $1 calls on the flipside.

Oh the joys of summer.

Daily Boost 08.05.2021 Green Day

Most of our issues were up today as we took an additional position in uranium company Energy Fuels ($UUUU) and the biotech firm IMV Inc. ($IMV) . Keeping an eye on Bitcoin, Oil, Gold and Silver here, but with the summer doldrums in full swing we’re not expecting any big moves.

Daily Boost 08.04.2021 Nothing Burger

The market is a nothing burger right now when it comes to implied volatility. Bought some uranium today – Energy Fuels ($UUUU) and Denison Mines ($DNN). Also bought some crypto – Riot Blockchain ($RIOT) but thats about it.

Daily Boost 08.03.2021 Well?

Well it was a blah day today in the market. Bitcoin has cooled off a bit here at $38.032 as of this writing. We purchased more uranium today. Nice pop in Energy Fuels ($UUUU) at the end of the day, we’ll see if it holds. Price action in Transocean ($RIG) was weird today, but we are still bullish oil longterm.

Daily Boost 07.28.2021 Fed Speaks Edition

So you’re telling me its not transitory?

Commodities are back in vogue – well at least for now.

Uranium is starting to glow again. Sold more Energy Fuels $UUUU Sept $6 Calls today. Bought some Energy Fuels $UUUU Oct $6 Calls today. Need a play on Dennys ($DNN) but its in no mans land. Tried writing some Sept puts @ $1 but not a lot of meat on that bone. C’mon Dennys.

Gold and Silver looking good here. Still love royalty cos like Metalla – $MTA – gonna listen to http://www.kereport.com/2021/07/27/metalla-royalty-streaming-a-shareholder-update-on-a-wide-range-of-topics/

Crypto seems to be headed higher but might be a head fake – who knows? Canaan ($CAN) was up like 15% today so there’s that.

We’re buying some Biotech cause why not. New position in IMV Inc. ($IMV) – they are battling Cancer and Covid – so thats awesome.

Oil looking slick. Pun intended. $RIG holding strong.