More storm clouds on the horizon.

Energy Fuels ($UUUU) ☢️

Today we sold some February $7 paper and bought some common shares of $UUUU and paid a dividend with the proceeds. Energy Fuels is still looking weak:

so we will continue to write the Feb $7 paper until it can gain $6.50 – at which case we would start to write the Feb $8 paper – and if the common drops below $5.50 we will start to write the Feb $6 paper. On the flip side with the proceeds we will raise cash and possibly buy more longer dated calls / puts or common.

Sphere 3D Corp ($ANY)

Gotta love it when you write $2 weeklies and the stock ends the week @ $1.98. We’re gonna try to write these weeklies again on Monday. Hopefully we can write the $2’s – if it rockets we’ll see if we can get something for the $2.50’s. Right now the Feb 4 $2’s are selling for $0.13 – which would be a $0.13 x 52 = $6.76 annual return or a 341% return on today’s share price of $1.98.

Chart starting to look slightly better than absolute dumpster fire. Buy time? Bitcoin is a manic beast